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About Patricia

Kinect2Health Practitioner and Teacher

Patricia O’Hanlon is a qualified practitioner of Shiatsu, Rejuvenating Face & Head Massage and Health & Life Coaching.

She trained as a practitioner and teacher of Metamorphic Technique with Gaston Saint Pierre, the founder of the technique. She is an IIHS qualified Instructor of The Vimala Alphabet (International Institute of handwriting Studies).

Her unique blend of interests and skills are now recognised and valued by clients and colleagues, and by organisations who consistently invite her to create or collaborate with others on their training courses. Her approach is simple, practical and creative.


Rejuvenating Shiatsu Facial

Your face reflects how you are feeling. Stress, emotions and habitual expressions and lifestyle choices often leave their mark. No products are used so there are no allergic reactions to the facial. A series of massage movements and light pressure on shiatsu points on the face, neck and head are used leaving the client deeply relaxed and restored after this one hour session.

Transformation through Touch

This session offers you time out of your regular routine to relax in an environment that allows you to grow, while the practitioner works lightly on the spinal reflex area of your feet, hands and head. The environment is free from direction and interference, you can be just as you are.

Transformation through Writing

‘Your handwriting is an intimate portrait of how you see yourself – a graphic representation of collective memories programmed by your subconscious mind from birth onward, reflecting both your strong points and those that have put a screeching halt to your inborn creativity. Each stroke of the pen makes a statement – not about who you are, but about who you say you are, i.e., your self-image. As you adopt self-affirming writing patterns, you are discarding outdated thought habits and acknowledging your authentic self at the highest possible level. Your new vital attitudes become a support system to help you reshape your life into one that is free of judgments of both yourself and others – thus blessing and releasing your past.’

‘The proof of its validity lies in the experience of it.’

Quotes from Transform your Life through Handwriting.
by Vimala Rodgers

Patricia O’Hanlon

 Shiatsu Practitioner, Rejuvenating Face & Head Massage Therapist and Health & Life Coach



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