Through Touch

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Transformation through Touch

This session offers you time out of your regular routine to relax in an environment that allows you to grow, while the practitioner works lightly on the spinal reflex area of your feet, hands and head. The environment is free from direction and interference, you can be just as you are.
It is a simple practice yet from time to time clients report very significant outcomes. They may have arrived at a crossroads in life and then discover a new direction or a new strength that they were not even aware of. When dealing with grief and loss their burden seemed to lighten. When feeling bullied at school, at work or in the home, they find that they have greater confidence and a new ability to cope.

'You have within you all power, all wisdom, all strength, all intelligence, all understanding'.
Eileen Caddy

Imagine this image below as a reflection of this 'whole' feeling, a resevoir of strength that you can tap into during your transformation session.

Your 'Whole' Feeling

Then imagine this second image below as a reflection of that 'wholeness' obstructed by illness or problems. There is a tendancy to focus only on the problem rather than the possibility. Yet, very often the problem, be it physical or emotional, has proved to be a catalyst for a whole new beginning. The initial discomfort can be followed by peace, confidence and movement and life becomes more fulfilling.

Your 'Whole' Feeling

Transformation work does not address ailments or symptoms but following a session you may have a different perspective on your situation. Movement is at your pace, it is directed by your inner life force. It is about transformation which is permanent, a movement from who you are to what you could be. Old patterns are loosened and energy is freed up. Life expresses itself differently.

Your 'Whole' Feeling

As you look at the third image, where do you focus? The obstruction has reduced, the light has increased. Your problems or issues travel with you daily but you focus more on the light, on possibility. There is optimisim where there was previously darkness. You can draw from the resevoir and restore your strength, in advance rather than wait till you reach rock bottom.

While the work done on each client is the same, the experience is as individual as the people themselves. Each has their own issues to deal with and movement happens when the time and the environment are right. A session can last for one hour, though shorter sessions are available too. The feet are about movement, the hands are about doing and coping and the head is about integrating life through the senses and the brain.

Children usually enjoy a shorter session. Some rufuse to let you work on their feet yet ask for their hands to be touched. A one and a half year old boy recently only allowed work on his head. Their is an innate knowing there that is respected by the practitioner or parent.

Transformational touch has to be experienced to be understood. It is an experience that goes way beyond words.

Transformation through Writing

'Your handwriting is an intimate portrait of how you see yourself – a graphic representation of collective memories programmed by your subconscious mind from birth onward, refecting both your strong points and those that have put a screeching halt to your inborn creativity. Each stroke of the pen makes a statement – not about who you are, but about who you say you are, i.e., your self-image. As you adopt self-affirming writing patterns, you are discarding outdated thought habits and acknowledging your authentic self at the highest possible level. Your new vital attitudes become a support system to help you reshape your life into one that is free of judgments of both yourself and others – thus blessing and releasing your past.'

'The proof of its validity lies in the experience of it.'

Quotes from Transform your Life through Handwriting.
by Vimala Rodgers

Your 'Whole' Feeling

Your 'Whole' Feeling

Vimala's response to Patricia's Calendar.

'Stunning, Awakening, Beautifully fashioned, Practical. An evocative wake up call guiding us both inward and outward every day of the month.'

The Vimala Alphabet

The Vimala Alphabet is the only writing system designed to build self esteem and to bring out the noblest qualities of the writer with every stroke of the pen.

The specific order of the families and letters of the alphabet reflect how we evolve from birth through life. It is designed to unlock attitudes that will move you forward in life, to a place where you will find joy and fulfilment. The proof is in the practice.

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Here's how to start your daily writing practice:

Your 'Whole' Feeling
Your 'Whole' Feeling


Eckhart Tolle

'When the mind loses it's density, it becomes translucent, Spirit - the formless - shines through you into this world'