Stress Reduction

In our experience we have found that stress and fear trigger most of the health and relationship problems we encounter. The way you perceive life when under stress is very different from the experience you have when you are calm and aware. We work with energy. Ki means energy and when you learn how to connect the pieces of your life -- symptons, challenges, emotions, actions and reactions -- you begin to see the possibilities and the changes you can make. You can create a life that works better for you now.

Simple Bodywork

Shiatsu and Rejuvenating Face & Head Massage, are very effective at soothing the body and the mind. Many employers understand the value of short shiatsu sessions in a massage chair and offer this service to their staff, in the workplace, on a regular basis. Individuals also choose to regularly avail of the normal one hour session in their own time to relieve or prevent stress. When you know in advance when the most stress arises in your week, month or year, you can take preventive action in advance.


Shiatsu involves thumb and palm pressure on points and lines of energy on the body. It is given through loose clothing and also includes gentle stretches and rotations of the limbs and joints. It is calming, grounding and very relaxing for the body and the mind. It can help prevent the build-up of stress, and restore vitality and well-being. Shiatsu’s many benefits were established by the cross-European study of Shiatsu carried out by the University of Leeds. A Shiatsu session can be given on a padded mat, a plinth or a chair. Recommendations may be given on gentle exercise, lifestyle changes and diet to support health and well-being. You don’t have to be sick to book a Shiatsu appointment, rather, choose to stay well by enjoying sessions periodically. A full session lasts one hour while taster sessions and short sessions in the workplace usually last twenty minutes.

Rejuvenating Shiatsu Facial

Your face reflects how you are feeling. Stress, emotions and habitual expressions and lifestyle choices often leave their mark. No products are used so there are no allergic reactions to the facial. A series of massage movements and light pressure on shiatsu points on the face, neck and head are used leaving the client deeply relaxed and restored after this one hour session.

The 5 Element Model

The 5 Element model is one of the most effective systems to clarify where you are and what you can do within the context of your wellbeing. These elements embrace the qualities of energy or ki that every expression of life possesses. You go through these phases of energy in daily life – you get up in the morning and move, you perform different activities, then assess if you are on track. Later you consider how the day went and then you surrender to sleep. The energy between the five elements is always moving. You accelerate or apply the brakes as appropriate. The elements interact in two ways, by nurturing and supporting or challenging and controlling.

Each element is associated with organs in the body, the emotions, food flavours, exercises and the seasons. There are lines of energy connected to each and it is these lines that are worked on to create balance during a Shiatsu session. When you balance the elements you create balance in your live. Stretches are included and over time you build up an awareness of how your daily routine helps or aggravates your existing condition.

The 5 elements are also relevant to the space and the people in the home, the workplace and in any group or organisation. Each person will have elements that are more predominant than others and it is our experience that where there is a balance of elements among the group, production and decisions will also be more balanced.

Training, Coaching And Classes

Simple bodywork is very effective for the physical reduction of stress, however education is the key to resolving or coping with the situation in the long term. Through training sessions, coaching or regular classes you can begin to put together the pieces of your life – how your physical symptoms relate to emotions, how your diet and exercise routine relate to mood and energy levels, how you hear and see your colleagues or clients affects your communication. Education gives a new perspective, you become more aware of your blind spots and old patterns and you take charge of your performance.

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