Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique

Individual Sessions consist of a gentle practice done on the feet, hands and head. Gaston Saint Pierre, the founder of the technique, said 'there is no path to the top of the wave. The power that makes it emerge from the ocean is the same power that makes your heart beat. Being reveals itself of its own accord. The quest comes to an end. When practitioners of the Metamorphic Technique give or receive sessions, they work from this realisation with their detachment. Clients and practitioners drink the pure water from the Source, from the Life that they are'.
This Life can express itself in new or different ways. There is no focus on ailments, and no promises are made. Each person is unique and will have an experience guided by his or her own power and intelligence from within. The practitioner does not try to influence or advise the client or predict any particular result, the environment is totally free from interference. Some people feel energized and confident after a session while others feel relaxed. Clients often report significant changes in how they see life and talk about their growing sense of purpose and inner strength.

Patricia works with people from many different countries yet language difficulty never diminishes the experience of the session. It is an experience that goes way beyond words.

Training, Workshops and Practice Circles

The technique is easy to learn and is accessible to everyone. You can attend an introductory class where you can receive a session and learn to give a session of metamorphic technique and also discover how to work with detachment during that session. You can then try it at home on yourself and with family members. You can meet with others who use the technique, at the regular, local practice circles.

Gaston created a full two day workshop where participants give and receive sessions and where they can explore transformation and this technique further, giving them a deeper experience. Some participants repeat classes and workshops saying that they hear something new each time and that they hear it differently. They take the material to a new level when they are ready.


The Metamorphic Technique is very simple to learn and use. No special abilities or background are required.

Patricia’s approach is calm, clear and easy to understand. She creates a good group atmosphere and her enthusiasm for the work is evident. As participants learn in different ways she uses diagrams, images and photos as well as words to clarify a point when necessary.

Eckhart Tolle

'When the mind loses it's density, it becomes translucent, Spirit - the formless - shines through you into this world'