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Perspective Insights

Posted by Patricia O'Hanlon - August 03, 2017

Look at life from a different perspective.

The education we have had and our experience of life to date will usually inform our perspective on any situation, event or challenge that currently presents itself. If our culture and language are limited we may see only one solution, if we are bilingual and creative, there are always other ways to approach the challenge. In the West medical problems are diagnosed and symptoms are treated while in the East symptoms can indicate imbalance behind the scenes. A system known as the 5 Elements is often used in the east in healthcare, feng shui and interior design. Balance is the key.

Discover how you relate to the 5 Elements in our autumn class. Explore how they connect to your health and wellbeing, the food you eat, the space you live and work in, the colours you wear, the emotions you feel, the season you prefer, the time of day you like or dislike, how you relate to family members or cooperate with colleagues and your competency in business, professional or community groups. It is a fascinating study.

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Confucious Insights

Posted by Patricia O'Hanlon - July 03, 2017

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

In the past there was a system of training called Sit by Nellie. Nellie was competent, motivated and agreeable, she would explain how to do a task, show you how to do it and in time you would try to do it yourself. When questions arose she was there and had the answers. It could be a slow but sure process and each new trainee might learn at a different pace.

We find in health and wellbeing work that each client or participant is starting from a different place. If s/he is stressed what is said is not always what is heard so we find it effective to use images, photos and demonstrations to clarify the point. When teaching bodywork, plenty of time is taken to explain, to show and to practice. We aim to teach confidence and competence.

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